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2022 Winner

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Sustainable Entrepreneurship Day 2022

Sustainable Entrepreneurship Day 2022

Sustainable Entrepreneurship Day is a theme day to raise awareness of the need of a new paradigm in entrepreneurship.


By providing models, tools and funding, EWB gives you as an entrepreneur the support needed to build sustainable, high-growth businesses in your own market.

Do you have what it takes to create business success and prosperity in your home market?

Business Owners

EWB helps your business to expand globally, by connecting you with driven entrepreneurs that know their home market.

We also support with funding to start the local entity.

To get started, apply to EWB’s Enterprise Network.


Our goal is to make impact investing a reliable method of investing, not just for the planet, but for the investor too. At EWB, we help investors find impactful and profitable investment opportunities. Our model is based on expanding already successful impact oriented companies, lowering the risk compared to impact investing in high risk start-ups.

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