Think Bigger

EWB helps successful local businesses expand their impact by transplanting their model to new communities and countries beyond their current location.

Our aim is to support these companies in achieving greater reach and impact by identifying opportunities in new markets and providing the necessary resources and support to make their expansion a success. By leveraging our expertise and network of partners, we can help businesses overcome the challenges of entering new markets and establish a foothold in communities where they can make a positive difference. Our goal is to help businesses grow while creating sustainable economic development opportunities in the communities where they operate.

If you are a successful local business looking to expand your impact, we invite you to partner with us and explore new opportunities to reach your potential. Together, we can drive positive change and build a better future for all.

Partner with EWB

We are committed to promoting entrepreneurship, supporting businesses, and creating jobs.


Fill out our application form with your information or contact us by email to express your interest.


The EWB team will evaluate your application and contact you to set up and introduction call.